Compiled by Dean Amory

coaching, manual, free, training, programme, program,Welcome to this introductory page about personal coaching or life coaching which will give you access to a practical training program that will allow you to enhance your own life and the life of others.  Totally free and without any other commitment on your part than your desire to advance in life, to become more happy and successful and to share the benefits of this self development with others.

When searching for information about coaching using Google, you are presented with about 275.000.000 leads.  The fact that you selected this page therefore means that you are committed to learning about the best ways to improve the level of wellness of yourself and of other people.

All coaching is always also self coaching. Because, let’s face it: by starting to create and live the life you want for yourself, already you will greatly influence the quality of the lives of your relationships.  On the other hand, if your goal is to inspire and empower others, you will have to balance, organize and advance your own life in the first place.  People do not take swimming lessons from a coach who cannot swim!

Your motivation to boost your own life, to gain insight and find solutions for yourself and overcome the problems you face in life is your best guarantee for success and will allow you to learn, develop and practice amazing new abilities and skills easily and at a pace that will surprise you.


Compiled by Dean Amory

The ultimate guide to the models, strategies, techniques and skills of personal coaching and self coaching, covering all the essentials to coaching.

coaching, manual, free, training, programme, program,

Dean Amory's Coaching Guide  is an  invaluable and practical standard reference work and training manual for anybody who takes life coaching

seriously, be it as a means to enhance their own life through self-coaching, or as a professional life coach.

The three books - “Definitions and Models of Coaching”, “Coaching Techniques” and “Essential Knowledge for Coaches” -  together form a comprehensive, highly accessible and easily navigable training program and workbook that is very transferable to the every day practice and by far the most practical coaching source available at this moment for free download on the internet.

Both for professional Life Coaches and as a means of self help for any individual who has taken the decision to enhance his life, Dean Amory's Coaching Guide will soon become a trusted  friend and wise guide that you can always rely on.

The Complete Life Coaching and Personal Coaching Course consists of three books in which you will find all the information, tools and techniques that will allow you to immediately start coaching your coachees and yourself towards maximizing your life potential and achieving a happier and more fulfilled life without any cost for you immediately:

Part 1, “Personal Coaching” is about what Personal Coaching is and offers a survey of the most popular models for Personal Coaching (or “Life Coaching”) and Self Coaching.

Part 2, “Techniques for Personal Coaching and Self Coaching”  introduces you to the most powerful coaching techniques in use and describes the most successful questions and strategies for coaching.

Part 3,  “Essential Knowledge for Personal Coaches”,  is a practical standard reference work highlighting the knowledge and skills that are indispensable for anybody who is considering life coaching as a career or as a serious self coaching process.

Who should read this book?

coaching, manual, free, training, programme, program,You should! If you have an interest in helping yourself and others
- assess their current situation
- choose the best path for them and bring about positive change
- discover and follow their talents, values, aspirations and ambitions
- set and achieve the goals necessary to succeed in life
- boost their self esteem and confidence
- inspire them and unwrap their motivation
- enhance their wellbeing, happiness and success in life
- improve their relationships
- improve their personal and communication skills
- deliver the benefits of increased income, pleasure, success and respect
- plan and achieve career progress


Here is why you should read this book:

coaching, manual, free, training, programme, program,THE COMPLETE GUIDE FOR PERSONAL COACHING AND SELF COACHING is an outstanding, tailored approach to coaching.  It explains in a comprehensive and detailed way how coaching works. It introduces you to the most important models for life coaching and describes the most successful questions, techniques and skills for coaching in detail.  The book illustrates the coaching strategies with numerous examples of powerful questions and conversations and also contains samples of the most important coaching documents.

THE COMPLETE GUIDE FOR PERSONAL COACHING AND SELF COACHING is the only training manual and workbook of this quality that is freely downloadable, allowing you to start using and evaluating this great toolbox of ideas, scripts and techniques immediately and without any cost for you.

THE COMPLETE GUIDE FOR PERSONAL COACHING AND SELF COACHING is an invaluable and practical roadmap, well written, in a language anybody can understand.  Many practical examples bring the theory to life and allow you to start practicing immediately.

If you cannot afford to pay for a personal coach, or if  you are looking for a qualitative DIY approach to learn the skills you need to satisfy your wants and needs in life and achieve your goals, you should try it yourself right now. It is available totally free at


Imagine yourself five years from now, then ask yourself honestly: “What is the benefit of not knowing how to best achieve my personal and professional goals in life?”
Claim your FREE copy of my new coaching manual today and in moments you’ll get access to all the tools you need to kick-start your development and propel yourself to higher levels of fulfillment!

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coaching, manual, free, training, programme, program,


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