How to learn and succesfully practice Hypnosis


Hypnosis The Myths, The Truth and The Techniques

Paperback, 314 Pages 

If you are looking for a practical and comprehensive guide to learn how to practice hypnosis, then look no further: hypnosis by dean amory.jpgLearning, exercising and using the proven methods included in this book, will allow you to succesfully hypnotize friends and strangers.
If you are a professional therapist, they will also enable you to help others with hypnotherapy. The techniques set forth in this manual lead to real in depth hypnosis. As such, they are less recommended for performing stage hypnosis. Some of the themes included are:
  • structure of the hypnosis proces,
  • ready to use word for word induction and deepening scripts,
  • practical approach to suggestions,
  • anchoring and post hypnotic suggestions,
  • detailed examples of hypnotic language pattern,
  • etc...
Hypnosis is a skill, which means that reading about it, is only just the beginning: putting the techniques into practice is a necessary step to get true results.
The description of the techniques is conceived in such a way that you can easily create your own flash cards to guide you through this wonderful experience.